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Two days and One Night in Borobudur
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Two days and One Night in Borobudur

Feel the warmth on the Borobudur neighbourhood!

What to do, What to eat, Where we go:

Day one

  • Visit Borobudur Temple, a must! (You don't wanna miss it, don't you?)
  • Go to Butuh Village or so called Nepal Van Java, beautiful village with colorfull houses!
  • Lunch, various choices of food to be chosen!
  • Check in hotel near Borobudur
  • Explore Borobudur villages on a bike, as a local's bike is steady transportation.

Day Two

  • Wake up early, heading Punthuk Setumbu as known as Borobudur Nirwana Sunrise. Never gonna miss the beautiful sunrise!
  • Breakfast, local's food choices of course
  • Drive to Prambanan Temple, another beautiful and magnificent temple!
  • Sayonara, enjoy your flight!

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